Polish Pork Pie

I really liked the sound of this one but don’t think it quite turned out as I imagined…

First off I though an hour and a half was an awful long time to cook a pork tenderloin, I was thinking this would make it really dry!

Then 10oz of breadcrumbs is loads! Even once I had mixed in the eggs and butter it still wasn’t very wet, and I made a bit of a mess trying to shape it round the meat…


The breadcrumbs only browned ever so slightly in the last 15 minutes but I really didn’t want to cook the pork for any longer..


Doesn’t look terribly appealing! I also made a complete a mess trying to cut this into slices, the crust just fell away!

So it doesn’t look like anything I imagined but it actually tasted quite good. I do think the pork is a bit dry and could do with less cooking but it tastes good. Then the crust is surprisingly moreish! I think I ended up picking away at all the bits that had fallen off! I do wonder if it would’ve worked better if I had used less breadcrumbs, cooked the pork on its own for less time, or even added the bread crust earlier in the cooking process which may have helped keep the pork moist.

Would I make it again? Not sure, did taste good but wasn’t fantastic!


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