Sole Meunière

I had made the fish a la meunière back in October last year, and this is a different recipe in the book. That one says you can use any white fish and doesn’t involve the seasoned flour stage. Back then I had opted to use whiting fillets. This time I had planned to cook with whole sole but the fishmonger only had fillets so had to just use them…



So I found out recently that there is a fish van that stops just the corner from my house every week! I was so excited when I found out about it and last week I went along and bought my first load of fish from him. I just love being able to do that and now planning more Tuesday afternoons off work so I can become a regular! I do have some unusual fish requests (like eel!) so am hoping he can help me out with that!

Anyway he didn’t have whole sole last week and I didn’t have time to check anywhere else so I opted to make this with fillets. I just made sure I cut back the cooking time significantly as I didn’t want to overcook.

The seasoned flour is pretty much the only difference from the other meunière recipe…


I really didn’t cook these for long, was barely a couple of minutes on each side..


I transferred them to a warm dish and carried on with the sauce, which was super quick and easy.

We were just having this with steamed potatoes, carrots and samphire. The fish was so delicate and was starting to fall apart as I lifted off the dish onto our plates.

This was wonderful, the fish is so soft and delicious, and the buttery lemon sauce is just fab. My only criticism of this is that I didn’t make enough!!

Would I make this again? Yes, need to try cooking a whole fish next time



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