Anna Potatoes

Apparently this is a classic French recipe and there is even a special double baking dish made of copper that is manufactured in France especially to make these!



I don’t have a fancy dish so as the recipe suggests I used a cake tin. I wasn’t terribly particular about the shape of my potatoes. Maybe I should’ve been and paid a bit more attention to detail! I just picked some the same size and sliced as thinly as I could without chopping off a finger! Then I stated the layering..

I brushed on the melted butter as I didn’t want to use too much. I didn’t weigh out the amount I used, I just melted about 2 teaspoons I think. I ended up with four layers..


I don’t have a lid for any of my cake tins so I put the removable base from a slightly smaller cake tin on top, I wasn’t sure if the idea of the lid is to press it down or just to cover it?

After an hour it was looking good..


I quite like the crispy bits so I was tempted to put back in the oven uncovered to crisp the top, but the rest of our dinner was ready!

I managed to successfully turn it out onto a plate, but then was a bit of a pain removing the greaseproof paper. I was stuck in a few places so had to carefully peel off, next time I must remember to grease that!

We were having this with sausages and veg. I loved this! It’s really nice and soft inside and then the top is slightly crisper. It is quite flat so I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have used the lid to press it down. I do also wish I’d made it in a smaller tin so that it would’ve had more layers and been a bit higher! Overall though it was great, simple to put together but looks like you’ve made a bit more effort!

Would I make this again? Yes, be good with a flavoured butter or some herbs but I do love the simplicity of this


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