Marinade for Venison

This isn’t really a recipe as such, I had picked up some medallions of venison today when I was at the Foodies Festival in Edinburgh. It’s on all weekend if you want to check out their website and head along, had a great day! So I checked the book for venison recipes and the only one is for stewed venison so I thought this marinade would work with the medallions..



I still have some mace left that a friend brought me from her holiday and the rest of the ingredients are pretty basic. I didn’t leave to marinade for 12 hours as I only bought the venison this afternoon. I think it had at least 2, which I though would be fine as they were quite thin. I reckon a joint or stewing meat would need a bit longer.


After just over two hours I removed the meat from the marinade and then I put the liquid and veg into a pan with some stock and left to reduce.

I cooked the version for minutes on each side then left to rest slightly while I strained the sauce. I know I’m always harping on about not wasting things but I didn’t keep the veg this time!

So we had this with steamed carrots and potatoes and sauce poured over the meat..


I think I did overcook the meat, it was still soft but I do think it could’ve done with even less time as it was a tad dry. It was good though and the sauce was truly amazing and really did make such a difference. You could taste the marinade from the meat which was good, I think venison can be quite a strong flavour but the marinade has maybe helped to tone down that. I think a indication if that is how much my daughter liked this, I had expected her to turn her nose up but she loved it too!

Would I make this again? Yes, will try with shoulder meat next time that needs slow cooking


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