Lobster Thermidor

I was back at the Foodies Festival today and picked up a lobster! I’ve always fancied trying this recipe but been a bit scared about actually cooking a lobster. The one I bought was cooked already thankfully!


The first part I made was the bechamel sauce which is straightforward enough, then I took on the challenge of removing the meat from the lobster. I really didn’t know where to start…


I only had one lobster as I didn’t want to waste too much. I ended up having to use google to get instruction on how to remove the meat, but what a mess I made. I had to get the hammer out to open the claws, but it’s the meat in the head I had no idea about. I made such an almighty mess and there was lobster shell everywhere. According to the instructions there are various bits that need removing, but I just wasn’t convinced so I ended up not using any of the head meat and stuck with the nice looking tail and claw meat.

After my attempt at lobster butchery I carried on with the sauce. The smell from the herbs cooking was lovely, especially the tarragon. I had made my bechamel sauce earlier in the evening so it needed a bit longer to get to the creamy stage, but was smelling fab.

I didn’t cut the lobster meat up like the recipe says as I had kind of made a mess when removing it so ended up with random chunks!

So because I had slightly wrecked the lobster shell I now had too much mixture for the shell I had left so I put some in the shell and some in ramekins!


It only needed a few minutes under the grill and was looking nicely browned..


So I wasn’t too sure about this as it didn’t look like I had imagined. I had expected to have the whole lobster shell to serve this in so am annoyed that I made such a mess with the shell!

This tasted brilliant! The lobster is really great, it’s not as soft as I thought but tasted good. The sauce is really brilliant, I am so surprised how much the tarragon influences the sauce as well as the Parmesan, which I initially thought would be a bit unusual. Overall this was delicious and wish there was more, but yet again my presentation lets it down!

Would I make this again? Yes, may get some advice from fishmonger on lobster preparation


4 thoughts on “Lobster Thermidor

    • Me neither! I had actually bought a cooked lobster so didn’t have to do that part. Removing the meat was a bit complicated, had to remove the claws and use a hammer to break into them. Then the tail is where all the best meat is and that was easy enough and the instructions I was following said to remove that which was also easy, but it’s the head part I was confused about as apparently there are various bits that need removed but I couldn’t figure them out!! I thought it could just be split down the middle but after I removed the tail I could only split down the head! Am going to ask the local fishmonger next time I’m in to see what they suggest cos I think I wasted loads!

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