This didn’t go quite how I expected! I had planned for this to be yesterday’s recipe but then I had bought the wrong cream and there is no way of whipping single cream! So had to wait until today, plus I didn’t exactly do a very good job of cooking the meringues…



I thought everything was going ok initially and the egg whites with the first lot of sugar were whipped into a lovely glossy looking mixture


I folded in the next lot of sugar and didn’t want to over mix so just kept folding until I thought it was evenly distributed. Then when I spooned onto the tray it didn’t look so nice and glossy anymore..


So I followed the cooking instructions exactly and I even turned my oven down a bit as it’s a fan oven, but after only half an hour they had turned a very pale brown. I opened the oven slightly and turned down even more but I think the damage had been done and my meringues were a very unattractive pale brown colour!


They also didn’t feel particularly crisp or firm but I didn’t want them to brown anymore so I reckon I turned the oven off after 2 hours and let them to sit in the oven as it cooled. They were feeling slightly crisp but not very firm!

I sandwiched together with some plain cream, was tempted to flavour the cream but I liked the simplicity of this.

So I know they don’t look right, but have to say they taste pretty damn good! The meringue is very soft and sticky, and only very slightly crisp on the outside. I love chewy meringues so this appeals to me, if you like your meringues really crisp then you’d hate this!!

I do wish I had mixed in the caster sugar a bit longer to give a smoother finish, and I wish I had piped the meringue to make a pretty shape.

I’ve also decided I’m going to cut back to a recipe every other day. I know when I started this I planned a recipe a day but I’ve become so busy making cakes and other things that I can’t sustain that! Think I did quite well nearly going for a year! So doing a recipe every other day means I will have more time to do my posts and they will not be as rushed as some have been!

Anyway back to meringues..

Would I make these again? Yes, will mix more and start with an even cooler over next time, but despite not looking or feeling quite right they do taste pretty good!!


4 thoughts on “Meringues

  1. I love chewy meringues, fan ovens can be tricky when you need a low temperature. I don’t blame you for cutting back on the recipes, you’ve done so well posting every day, I struggle to post once a week on my blog!

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