Haddock Soufflé

I made the ocean soufflé a while back and it was great, although I had made that in individual positions and fancied trying to make this as one big soufflé..



I just simmered the fish for a few minutes to cook. Can do that with either milk or water, if using milk than go and use that milk for the rest of the recipe. I was using smoked haddock for this, but like the recipe says you could use white fish or even another smoked fish.

I’ve not made many soufflés but I’ve never made one with cornflour like this, and when the recipe says stir until it thickens I wasn’t sure how thick it should be! I think I stirred it for only about 5 minutes after adding the cornflour and by then it was like a thin double cream.

I decided to use two eggs and I opted for nearer 3oz of cheese! I carefully folded in the egg whites and poured into one big dish..


After 20 minutes it was golden but it still looked really wobbly so I actually left for another 10 minutes and in that time it did rise considerably more so am glad I left in that bit longer.

I tried to get a photo as fast as I could when it came out the oven but I don’t think my photo really shows how much it had risen


It does sink quite a bit pretty much straightaway. So this was dinner for me and I ate half this, and loved it! It’s so light and fluffy and the flavours are all fab.


I could’ve quite happily eaten the lot!

Would I make is again? Yes and love the sound of the variation suggested in the recipe with the pastry base.



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