Baked Meatloaf with Browned Potatoes

I know now I am only going to do a recipe every other day but these two are meant to go together so had to do both..



I stated with the meat loaf and that was easy enough to prepare. The recipe says to use fat bacon or olive oil, I couldn’t decide what it meant by fat bacon so I decided to use thick rashers rather than olive oil..


Then when I poured over the milk it just looked weird, I really don’t know why milk is used in this way..


I put this in the oven and then made a start with the potatoes. I have to say peeling a cooked new potato is not one of my favourite jobs! I made such a mess and pretty sure I didn’t peel them properly and couldn’t help but think it would’ve been fine had I left them whole!

While the potatoes were cooking I attempted to make the gravy, well it’s nothing like a gravy. Whilst the meatloaf had been cooking the milk had weirdly puffed up and formed a not so pretty looking skin! So I removed that, added the flour and whisked to remove the lumps. Then I added a squirt of tomato ketchup and ended up with a pale pink ‘gravy’ that I didn’t really fancy eating!

The meat loaf was looking ok once out the oven..


Then the potatoes were looking lovely and crisp..


As a meal this was good. The meat loaf is lovely and soft and nice enough for a meat loaf! The potatoes are lovely and crisp and do taste good with the butter and breadcrumbs. The sauce however was not good! I don’t know if I did something wrong or I should’ve added more tomato sauce but I really didn’t love it!

Would I make this again? Meat loaf and potatoes – yes, sauce – no!!



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