Lemon Sauce

I think I’ve said this the last few times I’ve made a sauce recipe from this book, but again I was thinking this would be a really boring post and wouldn’t really be much to say about a sauce..



I don’t like chicken and lemon, but the only time I’ve had that was from a Chinese takeaway and really didn’t like the sauce. I was tempted to try this with chicken but instead opted for fish and tonight we were having salmon.

The sauce was easy enough to prepare, I halved the recipe so only used 1 tbsp of butter and flour to make the white sauce. The milk/stock mix did smell good after the 5 minutes simmering with the lemon.

I think all in this only took about 10 minutes to prepare. I tasted the sauce before adding seasoning and I didn’t think it was too sharp, I actually thought it could be even sharper!

My extra secret ingredient is this amazing salt..


I picked this up at the Foodies Festival earlier this month along with a few other flavours and is amazing! I do have a slight salt obsession and have a variety of flavours in the kitchen, but this was a new one for me! The sauce was nice pre-salting but after adding this it really was brilliant!!


I know it doesn’t look like much in my photo but it really is a good sauce, it was perfect with the salmon. We were having steamed salmon, potatoes and samphire and the sauce was fab with them all!


I have some left over and can’t face pouring away so having a rethink about this weeks dinners so I can factor in using the last of this sauce! Am thinking it would be good with some fishcakes..

Would I make this again? Yes, delicious and quick to make



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