Party Pork Chops

I just think the name of this recipe is great! No idea where it comes from and not really something I would think of serving at a party but sounds intriguing!



So like most of the recipes in this book the ingredients are pretty basic and stuff you’d normally have in the fridge or cupboard most days. I know I said this the last time I cooked pork chops but I’m not a massive fan of the chop, I do like pork but would pick loin if I had a choice.

This is so simple to cook, first off they are fried till lightly browned and them the lemon slice placed on top, I reckon I had them frying for only a minute on each side


Then the rest of the ingredients are poured over and at this point it really doesn’t look like much..


I left to simmer with the lid on and after about 7-8 minutes the volume of liquid had increased significantly. I assume this may have something to do with lid being on?? So I basted a few times and after 30 minutes there was even more liquid..


The minute you take the lid off it does start to thicken up quickly and it does smell good. It’s a really familiar smell that I couldn’t place but my daughter thought it smelt like pizza! After 10 minutes of simmering the sauce was now quite thick and sticky


We were having this with some mashed potatoes and baby sweetcorn, I didn’t serve with any extra lemon but just a garnish of parsley!!


Well this is just fab! The pork isn’t too tough considering the cooking time, it could be done a touch less but it’s the amazing sauce that makes this soo good! It’s almost like a sweet and sour sauce and it’s quite sticky. There definitely wasn’t enough sauce for my liking! Still no idea why it’s a party pork chop, I do love that name for it and all three if us loved it as a dinner!

Would I make this again? Yes, need to have a party now just to serve these chops!!



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