Fish Puffs

I had some of the lovely lemon sauce leftover and didn’t want to waste it, so was looking to see what I could make to have with it. I had already done the fish cakes so fish puffs it was..



So much for me cutting back to a recipe every other day! I think that week I was overloaded with cakes and didn’t want to rush any posts I was doing, but now I seem to have the time and have been doing a recipe a day!

I got the fish for this again from our fish van man which is great, and opted for haddock.

I had to assume that the mix isn’t meant to be completely smooth as there are flakes of fish. I like that there are chunks in it as it would seem a bit like baby food if the fish was completely smooth as well!

I didn’t take any photos of the raw mix as to be honest it looked utterly revolting!

I made my puffs slightly bigger than a tsp, I reckon if I’d been making them that size I’d be frying them till midnight. The mixture does make quite a lot, and I made my more of a dessertspoon size.

It really is quite a wet mix and I did wonder if 2 eggs was too much, and was worried that it was just going to totally disintegrate when it hits the oil. Fortunately it was fine and they stayed intact and turned a lovely golden colour quite quickly…


As I mentioned I was making these to have with the lemon sauce, I also just served a couple of salads and that was dinner.

The puffs are great! They are like a cross between tempura and fish pakora. The curry powder is really lovely in this and they are really light considering they have been deep fried! They were good with the lemon sauce, but I think the flavour if these is so good that you don’t need a well-flavoured sauce with them like the recipe suggests. They are fab little mouthfuls just as they are!

My daughter loved these as well and make a good change from fish finger! Although she did opt to have them with tomato sauce!!

Would I make these again? Yes, loved these



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