Creme Vichyssoise

I have to admit I am not that keen on the idea of cold soup. I’ve never tried gazpacho, and the idea of a creamy cold soup appeals to me even less than a cold tomatoey soup..



I believe this is quite a traditional recipe, and according to the website I found it’s origin is a subject of debate; some say it originates from USA and other say France. The title to me suggests France.

It’s pretty much like making a cream of leek and potato soup and then leaving it to chill! I opted to blend rather than sieve, but it was still looking a tad lumpy even after a good 5 minutes blending!

I have an abundance of chives in my garden, which come back year after year without really much attention which is my kind of plant! Anyway I snipped a good few over the top before serving..


I had just made this for me because the other two in the house didn’t want cold soup for tea! My daughter did actually try some and she said it tasted nice but was far too cold! I totally agree with her assessment, it’s a lovely flavour of soup but I didn’t love the coldness of it. It made the texture really heavy and after half a bowl I couldn’t face anymore! Not because it didn’t taste nice but because it made me sooo full.

What I did do was heat the soup up and then I finished it no problem, and to be honest it was much much nicer! I was worried that would make me sound so unappreciative of the cold soup idea, but when I read up on vichyssoise it says to serve hot or cold….

Would I make this again? Yes but not too sure if I’d have cold again!


8 thoughts on “Creme Vichyssoise

  1. Hot, cold, or room temperature, I love a good bowl of soup. Your vichyssoise dose look luscious! I would implore you to try gazpacho though. There are a million versions, so there simply must be at least one that you would like.

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