So what’s the difference between a hamburger and a beef burger? I had to do a search to see if there is an answer to this. Basically there is no difference, it’s not that a hamburger is ham and beef burger made from beef! According to one popular website the term hamburger actually derives from Hamburg (?) from which people emigrated to America. I then found another site that said beefburgers are fried but hamburgers are boiled?!?

Anyway I’m following this recipe..


As you can see there is a photo with this recipe, not a very exciting photo however! Also there are a few suggested variations. I loved the idea of making them thinner and covering with bacon, but for this I just kept it simple. I do quite often make my own burgers and do think simple is best, as long as it’s good quality meat from the butcher. I do think the suggestion of serving fried banana as an accompaniment is just wrong!

So these were super easy to prep, although I always end up with rubbish shapes. I remember my mum used to have a burger shaper tool thing, could’ve done with that!


I was going to grill them but opted to cook on my grill pan instead. These were cooked in about 10 minutes allowing for 5 minutes each side.

I kept the burgers simple and opted to serve with variety of sides..


We had these with salad, grated cheese, bacon and mayo! This was just a perfect Friday dinner after a long long long week in work!! The burger was simple yet satisfying! Then the additions were perfect, served with some homemade oven baked chips.

Would I make this again? Yes, fab ham/beefburger..



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