Orange Salad

This is not a dish I would ever consider trying to make if it wasn’t for this recipe book but I think it just goes to show salads don’t just have to be lettuce and cucumber!



If there is technique to segmenting an orange then I need to know! I made a bit of a mess and reckon I wasted a lot of the good bits!


I have both tarragon and mint but opted for mint as I have that in abundance!


I made the French dressing from a recipe in the book a while back, but this time I used balsamic vinegar, so hence the dark colour of the dressing..


I left this now for about 15 minutes, then I served on a bed of salad leaves..


This was lunch today and I wasn’t expecting much but it actually was really enjoyable! The orange is lovely and juicy and the combination of the mint and the sharp dressing is surprisingly good!

Would I make this again? Yes I would, really refreshing and a fab combination of strong flavours



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