Eggs in Rice Nests

This is one of these bizarre recipes that is like something that’s made up with what’s left in the fridge, I kind of like these kind of recipes..



I halved this recipe for the three of us and this first stage was pretty standard. Then adding the cheese to the rice, bacon mix was a bit unusual. I don’t often have cheese and rice together that I can think of! It wasn’t looking terribly appetising at this point..


So I then made indentations in the mix and very carefully cracked the eggs in, they did run out a bit but mostly stayed in the holes..


It’s starting to look a bit weird at this stage and kind of reminiscent of the minced meat with poached eggs I made earlier this year. Then I just put the cheese over the eggs rather than all over the rice..


After 20 minutes in the oven the cheese had melted, the egg was set and the edges of the rice were a bit browned. I couldn’t decide if I was looking forward to this, and the reaction I got when I put this on the dining table was not good…


Well I have to say I really enjoyed this!! It’s not exactly a gourmet dish but it’s good fun and I thought tasted great! The rice is pretty soft after boiling then baking in the oven and the egg is pretty set and I actually think it would be nicer with a softer yolk that mixes into the rice a bit. Overall though I did like this, can’t say the other two enjoyed it as much as me!

Would I make this again? Yes I would but only cook for 15 minutes max in oven



4 thoughts on “Eggs in Rice Nests

  1. You are right, I would probably not make this from an actual recipe, but inspired by the ingredients at hand. One of those, “Let’s cook everything we have” type of situations. I have had rice and cheese together…and rice and eggs, but all three, maybe not yet.

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