Cornflake Crust Flan Case

I remember the spongy flan cases my mum would sometimes buy and fill with fruit and jelly, but there is no actual recipe for that, so I though I’d try the cornflake flan today..


There’s also a few filling suggestions and I thought I’d try the fresh fruit option.

First I started with the flan cases and it’s much like making a biscuit cheesecake base. I wasn’t sure how much to crush the cornflakes as it only says roughly.

I opted to make four individual ones and the cornflake mix just about stretched to cover all four, but I was slightly worried there’s gaps due to me not crushing the cornflakes enough..


I left them to cool and them opted to top with strawberries. I really need to think about my food presentation, I just sort of plonked them on in a kind of design but I really could’ve taken more time to make them prettier!


I didn’t have red currant jelly but did have strawberry jelly cubes so I opted for that. I then made a stupid mistake, I thought I could pour it on only just set and would sit nicely on top of the strawberries but it totally sunk through! Thankfully I only did one and then put the jelly in the fridge for a bit longer. I guess the other reason it sunk through is due to the slight gaps in the case, another reason to maybe crush more!

When the jelly was slight more set I kind of splodged it on and tried to spread over the strawberries..


I then put back in the fridge and just hoped that the base wouldn’t be too soggy.

Well I’m glad I used my spring bottom tins! They all lifted out just fine but when I tried to remove the actual base they did stick a bit so I had to serve on the base!


I was taking this for pudding at my parents and I didn’t bring anything to serve with it, but my mum offered some creme fraiche which was really good with this. I thought the cornflakes would be all soggy and then the jelly might be too sweet but actually all together it’s great! The base is particularly good!

Would I make this again? Yes, surprisingly good!!


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