Chocolate Fudge

I’ve not had much success making fudge recently. The vanilla fudge was a sticky mess and I’m pretty sure that’s because I didn’t beat enough on cooling. Then I made the orange fudge and it was more like tablet!! I’m not sure if I maybe over boiled or beat it too much! So was hoping this would turn out better…



I liked the sound of the suggested additions but considering I’ve not had much fudge success I decided to keep it simple. I didn’t have granulated so just used caster sugar, it does say earlier in the chapter that you can use either.

The first part is easy enough and reckon it was boiling for about 10 minutes before it reached 240. The smell was great as it was boiling away..


I have a very handy sugar thermometer so know when it’s at the right temperature, but you can use the test of dropping a small amount in cold water and it should form a soft ball that flattens when you press it.


Then I started the beating stage. The consistency does change quickly and becomes really thick and creamy looking, and I was tempted to stop now but I couldn’t feel any grains..


Then it does start to change again and can feel the grains so I transferred into my tin. The minute it hit the tin it was becoming quite solid so was now worried I had beat it too much again and was going to heading towards tablet again!

I left it for a while then cut into cubes, well I tried to cut into cubes. It was a bit crumbly in places so didn’t get nice clean cubes like I imagine you should with fudge!


Well it tastes great!! It’s a lovely chocolate fudge/tablet! It’s a bit hard to call a fudge but not quite hard enough to be tablet! So next time I think I will stop beating a bit earlier. I made this for my gran and we all had a taste and was liked by everyone, it’s just not the right consistency.

Would I make this again? Yes, it’s good and a nice idea to give as a gift


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