Devils on Horseback

This was tonight’s starter/canapé. Although in the book it comes under a sub heading of after dinner savouries, I can’t imagine serving something like this after dinner..


I opted to use the almonds, quite liked the idea of them inside the prunes. I don’t really think the prunes I had bought were quite right! I had regular dried prunes in the cupboard and assumed they were right, I thought a prune was a dried plum but I actually think you can get fresh prunes?? Anyway I was determined to make these today so carried on with dried prunes!!

I really liked the look and smell of the almonds after they had been fried an tossed in salt and cayenne pepper, I could quite happily eat them just like that..


As my prunes weren’t very plump I opted to make enough for four each and stuffed 8 prunes with the almonds, I actually could also quite happily eat these just like this..


Then they were wrapped in bacon..


While they were grilling I got on with frying the bread, I just used a plain white loaf cut into small circles.

I forgot to get watercress so had to make do with spinach! I know they look really weird but I was actually really looking forward to these..


These were quite delightful!! The salty bacon with the sweet prune is just great! Then you get the crunch from the almond with a little bit if heat from the cayenne. We both loved these and I think these would be perfect to serve with pre dinner drinks!

Would I make these again? Yes, loved them!


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