My Blog Anniversary!!!

It has now been exactly a year since I started this blog, which I can hardly believe!

I looked back at the first post I did which was liver ragout and had a wee chuckle to myself! I remember that looked so hideously awful that I didn’t post any photos, it was then my mum who said I should put a photo on no matter how bad it is! So ever since then I have posted photos of everything, good and bad!

I was going to try mention the worst and best recipe. The worst is easy, it was the glazed ham with pineapple, sounds good but was made with a can of ham and looked and tasted rotten!!

As for the best recipe, that’s much harder. There have been too many good ones to pinpoint the best! All I can say is there has been some unusal recipes and some classics, but overall it’s been good fun and I’ve been picking up some great tips!

So tonight I thought we should have something a bit fancy! It is a week night so didn’t have masses of time so do anything too elaborate. I opted for devils on horseback as a starter/canapé.

Then for main I made steak Eros.


Both of which were fantastic and I’d highly recommend trying them!

I didn’t have time to do a pud so it was leftover checkerboard birthday cake I had made for my grans birthday


We had a bottle of prosecco in the fridge that I was saving for a special occasions, it’s been there for 6 months so decided tonight was a special occasion!

I do love to hear about people trying these recipes, I know they are not mine and all come from Good Housekeeping but think some are real classics that have to be tried!!

When I started out the aim was to do a recipe a day but I think that was a bit of a challenge, I do need a holiday now and then! So going on I’m not going to be as structured as I have been. I have done 435 posts but a lot of them have been cakes, I reckon there is about 2000 recipes in this book so I plan to keep going till all are done and just hope people keep reading my wee blog and enjoying it!

So cheers, and here’s to another year and many more recipes…



27 thoughts on “My Blog Anniversary!!!

  1. Happy Blogiversary Jacqui. I particularly love your cakes and have shared them with friends and family and geek-culture websites, where they have been adored! Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing talent. x

  2. Congratulations !! Great year of grub, looking forward to even more, you keep doing the good food thing and I’ll keep doing the dishes…

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