Liver and Onions

It’s been a while since I attempted an offal recipe, and I do think cheaper cuts of meat like liver were pretty popular around this time. I can honestly say I’m not a fan so far but I’ll give anything a go..


I was halving this recipe for the two of us and I only bought about 6oz of liver, which the butcher had nicely trimmed and sliced already!

I do like dishes that require onions that have been cooked like this so this was making me think this did have the potential to taste ok! I decided to slice the onions though, not sure why but just thought that felt like the right thing to do!

I opted to use the sage as I hoped that might disguise the flavour of the liver!!

After cooking the onions with the lid on for 10 minutes I thought they were looking very appealing and thought the addition of the liver was going to wreck these lovely herby onions!


I was going to cook the liver for the full 10 minutes but my husband advised me not too! I do like my steak a bit pink for some reason I thought I should cook this till it was almost blackened!!

I listened to him and think it was cooking for about 7 minutes. The recipe says to drain once cooked but there was nothing to drain! It looked quite dry and I was thinking I’d need a gravy or sauce!

Rather than serve with boiled rice we were having with some steamed spinach – going for an iron overload!!


This had a lot to live up to after last nights dinner, but I was pleasantly surprised!! I expected to hate the liver but I actually enjoyed it. I’m glad I didn’t overcook and it was nice and tender, then the onions are great too. Altogether it’s actually a great dish and it’s maybe converted me!

Would I make this again? Yes I would!



5 thoughts on “Liver and Onions

  1. I wish I liked liver more. The only way I can stomach it is pate, which I adore. I agree on the sauce though, whenever I have had liver, it’s been swimming in a creamy sauce. Sometimes it’s ok, other times, too rich. I’d like to try liver done a bit more simply like this recipe.

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