New Zealand Cookies

Absolutely no idea about the authenticity of this or why it’s in the family catering chapter rather then the biscuit or recipes around the world chapter! Whenever I tied a search for New Zealand cookies I just kept finding references to Anzac biscuits. I just thought this sounded like a really easy cookie recipe and was perfect to make with kids..


These were super easy to make and I pretty much let my daughter do most of the work!

It did seem like an awful dry mix as there is no moisture from the egg, and when the rice crispies are added it does initially look like there is no way they will mix in properly. After a good mix though it was seemed ok but does look a tad weird!


We plonked spoonfuls on our trays and think we had more than 24 but ours are quite random sizes..


The smell from these cooking was amazing, it’s hard to describe but reminded me of a winter market I was at last year!

It’s hard to tell when they are done as they don’t seem to could much on cooking, I just removed after 20 minutes and assumed they were done..


So I know these look a bit unusual but they taste blooming brilliant!! They are actually surprisingly light. The flavour is so hard to describe it really reminds me of something but I can’t figure out what, but I can easily say there are one of the tastiest cookies I’ve made in a while!!

Would I make these again? Yes definitely and someone actually suggested I try these with cocoa pops!!



4 thoughts on “New Zealand Cookies

  1. I live in NZ and can’t vouch for the authenticity of these either. I too think of ANZAC biscuits being the NZ Aussie biscuit. This cookie you have made reminds be a bit of chocolate crackle. Did you grow up with them? They a made with cocoa puffs and I never met a soul who turned down chocolate crackles!

    P.S. “Dessertspoonfuls” is quite a mouthful isn’t it? (Pun intended)

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment, I definitely think then it’s a totally random made up recipe! I’ve not heard of crackles either, if they taste like this then I need to try them! I think our cookies were nearer tablespoonfuls – my daughter got carried away!!

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