Braised Bacon

It’s been a while since I’ve cooked a joint of meat for tea on Sunday and this week we fancied gammon..


I had bought a 1 kg joint of gammon, the recipe doesn’t really advise a meat quantity but I decided to use the exact amount of veg it suggests. I did forget to buy a turnip so had to use potato instead and just used a couple medium sized ones.

I didn’t bother to soak the meat as the butcher always tells me there’s no need to do that. I went straight to the boiling stage and boiled for 30 minutes. Then I plonked on top of the veg..


According to the weight of the joint I have it only needs an hour of cooking, so I boiled it for 30 minutes then it only needed another 30 minutes in the oven so I left it uncovered for the entire time


Gammon doesn’t photograph very well! It looks really pink and not cooked in all my photos but it really doesn’t look quite so bright in colour in real life!!


After cooking in the oven I removed the meat, strained off the suace and thickened that with cornflour. I then served the meat with the veg and the sauce poured over.


I didn’t bother to make anything else to have with this as it’s pretty much a meal on its own! The gammon is good, the veg is nice and soft but the potatoes have still held their shape. The sauce wasn’t thick enough for me, I had ran out of cornflour and only had about half a teaspoon so not enough to thicken the sauce!

Overall it was a good Sunday dinner and we really enjoyed it.

Would I make this again? Yes



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