Plain Sponge Pudding

I made the syrup ginger pudding a while ago and that was my first ever attempt at a steamed pudding! So I thought I should try the most basic sponge pudding next, kind of backwards but nevermind!



I never thought I could use my free standing steamer for puddings until I tried the ginger one, it worked really well so I had high hopes for this! I was just opting for the plain sponge but the suggested variations sound good, I do quite like the sound of the mincemeat surprise one!!

The mixture looks a good consistency after mixing and I didn’t actually need to add any milk..


Then it was left in the steamer for an hour and a half. After the full cooking time I took it out and it was well risen and smelling pretty good.


I know that photo looks weird and I think the funny shape is due to the way I covered the dish with the tinfoil!

I used a spatula to gently loosen the edges but when I was doing that it did feel like it was going to come out the dish ok. I turned it upside down on a plate and it came out just fine!


I used to think steamed puddings were really heavy but this is actually very light and soft and cut easily into slices

Rather than actually make a jam sauce I just warmed up some of my slightly runny homemade strawberry jam and poured that over the top.

This was delicious! It’s really light and the simplicity of it is great. The jam is a nice touch but you really don’t need much as it’s is very sweet. I do wonder if a custard would’ve been even better!

Would I make this again? Yes, good pud!



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