Boston Brownies

I wasn’t sure if there is a differnce between a Boston brownie and a regular brownie so I did a search. I couldn’t really find a differnce and think the name just comes from where the brownie originate which is an 1896 Boston Cooking-School Cook Book. Anyway I fancied making brownies and had a load of walnuts to use up..



The mixture is straightforward to make and was a nice looking consistency..


I did think that when I was pouring it into the tin that it wasn’t much, it looked really flat in the tin. I know it’s going to rise a but but did wonder if I should’ve used a smaller tin..


The idea with brownies is that they are meant to be a bit sticky in the middle, so I opted for 35 minutes cooking and hoped they would be ok. It had rised a bit but not massively..


I did leave to cool in the tin, which wasn’t easy as they smell so good and it’s very hard to resist warm chocolate brownie straight from the oven! I did manage to refrain from eating any and removed from the tin once cooled.


I didn’t cut into fingers, I opted for squares instead. I did worry as I was cutting them up that they were cooked just a bit too much. There is a kind of gooey layer but maybe not as much as I would’ve liked!


These were great! The walnuts in them are really good, I’ve made brownies in the past but never with walnuts. I do wish I’d just ignored the cool in tin instruction and had warm as I bet they would’ve been amazing! As they are with a cup of tea thought is great!

Would I make these again? Yes, quick and delish!


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