Stuffed Tomatoes

There seems to be a lot of recipes that involve stuffing things that I wouldn’t normally stuff! I remember well the stuffed frankfurters which weren’t exactly a success and then there was the stuffed roll this week which was actually quite enjoyable! Today I fancied trying this for breakfast today..



I do love having porridge for breakfast and it has to be with salt and milk which may sound repulsive to some but that’s my breakfast of choice midweek!! This recipe may sound like a bit of a faff first thing in the morning but I had the tomatoes filled and in the oven in 10 minutes and left them to cook while I got ready for work!

I made the baked stuffed tomatoes last year and they were a bit of a disaster! I had bought unusually large tomatoes for that and think I didn’t cook enough. For this I just used regular tomatoes, which were easy enough to prepare..


The filling is pretty basic stuff that I almost always have in the fridge. I have to admit I opted for bacon rather than cooked ham so I did give the mixture a few extra minutes cooking. The quantities are quite small and I was halving so really wasn’t much filling. I also opted to put cheese in, really not a hard decision for me!

So the filling was done and put back in, and pretty much squeezed it all back in..


The lids were put back on and then in the oven.


After 15 minutes the tomatoes were looking softer so didn’t leave in any longer.


These two tomatoes were just for me as breakfast. The tomatoes are nice and soft and did pretty much fall apart as soon as I cut into them! I don’t mind that though as I prefer that to a hard tomato! The filling is great, can’t really go wrong with bacon, onion, cheese and tomato!

Overall it was tasty and a nice alternative for breakfast!

Would I make this again? Yes tastes way better than I make it look!!


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