Casseroled Chicken and Rice

I can make one heck of a mess when cooking sometimes so it’s quite nice when I make something like this that is all done in one pot!



I’ve no idea what a boiling chicken is, I just assumed regular chicken would do! I also opted to use only chicken thighs rather than attempt to joint a whole chicken!

I was making this for just the three of us so I halved everything. Although the volume of liquid did not seem enough. I had made 4oz of rice and I really didn’t think quarter of a pint of liquid was going to be enough.

After my earlier failures at finding pimiento I now have a local deli that stocks jars of it! I also used chicken stock rather than soup and I did opt to use the wine.

There wasn’t much layering in my dish, I managed 2 layers of rice and chicken and just sprinkled the celery and pimento over the chicken at each layer..


I couldn’t decide at first if the bay leaf and cloves should be strained off or added to the dish with the chicken. I decided to add them as I thought they wouldn’t have imparted much flavour in the few minutes they were in the liquid heating.


I did check this regularly and ended up adding more liquid. I added a bit more wine and bit more stock as after about 40 minutes there was no free liquid left. I also didn’t let this cook for the full 2.5 hours. After just under 2 hours the chicken was well cooked and the rice was really soft so I removed it from the oven.


So this was dinner for us, it’s pretty much a meal all in one. The chicken is really soft and almost falling apart and the rice is very soft. I did think the rice was verging on stodgy but I actually quite liked it like that! I do think it could be cooked in much less time. I guess it depends which cut of chicken you use but really don’t see the need for all that cooking time.

Flavour wise it’s great, the pimiento and celery and actually really nice in this and the flavour from the clove and bay leaf really do come through.

Overall a great family dinner!

Would I make this again? Yes, easy and tasty!



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