Vanilla Souffle

I’ve made a couple of soufflés so far, both have involved fish! So decided tonight to try basic sweet soufflé..


I think soufflés are one of those recipes that I expect to be quite complicated but actually it’s easy to prepare. I had decided to make two individual ones, but didn’t think I could half the ingredients. So I decided to split everything into two thirds! I have electronic scales now so can accurately measure two thirds of an ounce!

I couldn’t decide how fill to make the ramekins, so I chose to pretty much fill to the top!


Am hoping I’m not going to regret that! So I ended up using pretty much all the mixture.

I then couldn’t decide if I should cut back the cooking time because they were individual. I kept a close eye on them and they did brown quite quickly but kept rising at a very lopsided angle!! After 25 minutes they were looking done I thought!


It was a rush to get a photo as they do start to sink quite quickly, I was going to sprinkle over some icing sugar but really didn’t want to do anything that would affect the rise!


After about 2 minutes out of the oven they had sunk back a fair bit but still looked quite good!


The smell from these is amazing, I had used a really good quality vanilla and you can really smell the differnce.

I was going to take a photo of the inside of these but they were eaten so quickly that I forgot! They are lovely and light and the vanilla flavour is really great.

Would I make these again? Yes, I know I’ve said this about soufflés before but I should try one big one next time to see how I get on with that



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