Hamburger Pie

Surprisingly there are no actual hamburgers in this!!



I’m not very savvy with the photo app thing I have so couldn’t figure out how to get the recipe in one photo! It’s split over two pages so I had to just take a photo of the two pages!

Anyway this recipes reads more like a cottage pie than anything to do with hamburgers!

I was tempted to put something else in with the mince, even just a dash of Worcestershire sauce! I stuck with the recipe and left the mince as instructed..


The mash is easy enough although I didn’t whisk it! I don’t have an electric whisk and didn’t have the muscles to whisk it by hand! I did then try and do some fancy piping but it was hard to squeeze through the nozzle I was using, so it’s not as pretty as I’d hoped!


After 30 minutes in the oven it was looking nice and crisp on top and well browned..


I really don’t see how this differs from the cottage pie recipe that I’ve already made! It is another good dinner, the mince is nice enough and then the mashed potato on top is great as well.

Would I make this again? Yes, although think I’ll refer to as cottage pie rather than hamburger pie!



6 thoughts on “Hamburger Pie

  1. Yum! This pie would be very popular in our house. With plenty of tomato sauce or chutney on the side.

    I think hamburger is another word for ground beef in some countries. This looks just like what we call a potato top pie. Cottage pie, to me, has more chopped vegetables like peas and carrots.

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