Potato Whip and Puffles

Sounds like a totally made up name! I’ve never heard of either potato whip or potato puffles before, was very intrigued!



The first part of this recipe is easy enough. I am often pretty lazy when it comes to mash and end up with loads of lumps! I did allow the potatoes to cook until they were soft but even then I still had a lumpy mash. I don’t have any fancy mashers, just an old metal hand one I’ve had for years, will blame the lumps on that! Anyway before I even added the other ingredients I would say the mash is pretty stiff..


I then added the other ingredients and attempted to whip. I think I had more of a beating action but the consistency did change after a good few minutes of beating. It’s hard to demonstrate that in a photo but it did feel different..


This where I then went wrong, I assumed the recipe meant I was to use some of the whip mix that hadn’t been in the oven to make the puffles, so I kept back a few spoonfuls. I then put the whip in the oven and heated the oil to make puffles. What a mistake. The minute I put the mix in the hot oil it started to disintegrate and I ended up with a pan full of potato oil that looked revolting! I then realised the recipe just mean you deep fry any leftover cooked whip! So I thought I’d wait and try that after, if there was any left!

After 15 minutes it was only just lightly golden but I took it out the oven anyway..


The texture of this as I spooned it out is so light and almost mousse like. I am liking the texture of that the egg gives the potato.

We had the whip with some venison sausages and homemade onion gravy..


I think my 6yr old is turning into a bit of a foodie, as after she had taken one mouthful of potatoes she asked of there was egg in it!!

The potato whip is maybe the best mashed potato based dish I’ve had in a long time!! It’s crispy on top and the really light and fluffy underneath. It’s tastes great as well and prefect with sausages and gravy. I have to say we did not have enough whip left to make any puffles – there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!!

Would I make this again? Yes definitely, and next time I’ll make more so we can have puffles!



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