Bacon Pasties

I don’t actually think I have ever eaten a pastie, but after watching the Great British Bake Off I fancied giving these a go..



This may make me sound crazy or just very organised but I actually made the pastry this morning before work! It’s the shortcrust pastry recipe from the book that I’ve posted a few times now and it’s really easy.

I decided not to roll into just 4 pasties so I made 8 and I made them various sizes..


I then started on the filling, I was making the full quantity and it seemed like loads!


I did my best to fill and shape as neatly as possible but was still really worried they were going to split open in the oven!


I didn’t give these the full cooking time the recipe suggests, I reckon they had about 45 minutes in total and by then they were looking nicely browned and according to my daughter they were smelling like pizza!


These pasties were fab! The pastry is good, can’t really go wrong with a bit of pastry, and there was no soggy bottom! The filling is great too! We all loved these, but maybe more a lunch than dinner!

Overall these are great, although I don’t think I’d be winning star baker with them!!

Would I make these again? Yes, brill


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