Cream Cheese Boats

It was another family birthday so I wanted to make a canapé to have with some pre dinner drinks..



So first off I was making more pastry, this time a cheese pastry. I used the recipe for that back on 2nd September last year when I made the cheese straws!

I made the pastry earlier in the day and left in the fridge for a while.

So I don’t have a boat shaped mould, or know where I would get such a thing! I opted to use a muffin tray and cut circles of pastry. I ended up make 12 small circles.


I always seem to have disasters any time I cook pastry on its own like this. If I’m making a tart I usually use baking beans to stop the pastry rising. I’m assuming that pricking the pastry with the fork is to keep the bases from rising so have my finger crossed!


After just over 10 minutes they are nice and golden and they have kind of risen all over and don’t really look like boats!!


So the fork thing didn’t really stop them from rising!

I carried on with the cream cheese and opted to add chives. I attempted to pipe on the cheese but it really wasn’t much and I ran out afte piping into 5, so I had to kind of spread on the rest.

I couldn’t bring myself to buy processed cheese for the sails! So instead I bought a block of Edam and cut slices of that for the triangular sails!


So how were these? They were great! The pastry is good, chive cream cheese is good and then I do like Edam so that bit is good too. Overall they were a lovely wee canapé!

Would I make these again? Yes, loved them



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