Eggs on Spinach with Cheese Sauce

When I started this whole thing I hated eggs!! I can’t say I love them now but have enjoyed a few of the egg recipes. Still not sure if I’d thank you for a plain boiled or fried egg! I love spinach and cheese sauce so thought this would make a nice simple dinner..


I had bought a large bag of spinach and assumed that would be enough for half the recipe, it turned out it was only 200g which is not even half a pound!! It looked like loads in the pan..


Then after 10 minutes it looked like next to nothing!


So the spinach bit is easy, I just don’t have enough, and then the cheese sauce is easy. It’s the poached egg I wasn’t sure about! There is a section in the book that gives advice on how to poach an egg. It says to add vinegar and salt to the boiling water to help the egg keep it’s shape and for flavour. I think I have as many varieties of vinegar as I do of salt, but opted for a cider vinegar. Then it says to put a pastry cutter in the pan and break the egg into that. That seemed to work quite well and the egg did keep it’s shape. Reckon I had the eggs cooking for about 5 minutes.

So then I assembled the dish. I decided to make individual dinshes. First in was the spinach which looked like nothing!!


Then I put the poached eggs on top..


Finally I spooned over the cheese sauce and topped with the grated cheese


I had this under the grill for only about 2 minutes before it was staring to get very browned in some places.


As I said I do love spinach and a good cheese sauce, it’s just the egg I’m not sure about. Altogether as a dish this is lovely, the spinach is soft and buttery and the cheese sauce is actually quite pleasant with the egg. I have no idea if adding the vinegar to the poaching liquid actually makes a differnce!

Anyway we both enjoyed this but perhaps it’s more of a breakfast or lunch!!

Would I make this again? Yes actually I would!



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