Aubergine Fiesta

Before I started cooking from this book I actually don’t remember ever making anything with aubergines. I’ve done a couple recipes now and have enjoyed them, I think a favourite was the scalloped aubergines with meat. I do like the name of this recipe!


I was making the full quantity of this as I didn’t want to half a can of tomatoes and a can of sweetcorn! Two aubergines weighed just over 1lb so decided once they were peeled that would be enough.

When I poured the water over the aubergine it floated right to the top and then it started to brown really quickly!


After 5 minutes it was really soft and have to say it wasn’t looking particularly appealing just now..


The recipe says to just put everything in an ovenproof dish, but I gave everything a mix in the pan first and then transferred to the dish. Was looking a bit better now..


2oz of grated Parmesan looks like loads, and the dish was looking even better now..


After 20 minutes the cheese was melted and the sauce bubbling away. The cheese topping didn’t look massively appealing so I decided to give it another few minutes under the grill to brown slightly.


It’s not exactly the prettiest dish I’ve ever made, even adding a little parsley didn’t really make it look much better!


We were just having this with some sausages for tea and don’t think my 6yr old was very impressed! After making this I had a vague recollection of reading somewhere that aubergines should be salted before cooking to reduce the bitterness. There was a slight bitterness to these so do wonder if I should added salt to the water when the aubergine was boiling. Despite that I did enjoy this, it did need an extra grind of salt to lift the flavour. Overall though it was nice but the cheese on top was the best bit!!

Would I make this again? Maybe, would try adding salt to the water and maybe some more herbs mixed through the veg as well



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