Fried Liver, Chinese Style

So I thought I was maybe over my dislike of liver after the liver and onions so I thought I’d try this for dinner tonight..



I was halving this recipe and bought half a pound of liver which only cost 67p from the butcher! It’s definitely a cost effective cut of meat. It still looked like an awful lot of liver for my liking!

So the recipe says it should be cooked in 7-8 minutes so I did all the prep straight after work and cooked a little later on. I wanted to let the liver sit in the sherry, ginger mix for a while to maybe try reduce the liver flavour of the final dish!


Not thinking it looks very tasty right now..

I had bought a can of bamboo shoots, I couldn’t find them anywhere else in the supermarket. They were already sliced in the can which is handy!

I started cooking and was done in 8 minutes. Although nothing was looking very golden brown, everything just looked cooked!


We just had this with some more stir fried veg, I probably should’ve served with rice or noodles but had a few odds and ends of veg to use up!

So how was this? Well am not sure I loved it! I think the liver was overcooked and not sure if that makes it even more livery if that makes sense! The dish as a whole is tasty, I could really taste the ginger which was good but you couldn’t tell there was sherry in it. We did eat it all and my daughter did try some but not sure she was a fan!

Would I make this again? Perhaps, I might cut the cooking back a bit and maybe try some soy suave in the marinade. It really is a cheap dinner so would love to love it!!



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