Rhubarb Ginger Jam

I still have a bit of rhubarb growing in the garden, it’s not the best looking and wonder if it’s still growing because the weather is so mild. I decided to make this jam with it..



My rhubarb is looking a bit thin, so think its perfect for chopping up and making jam!


I started this last night and left the rhubarb overnight. I wasn’t sure if the alternate layers were crucial so I just stirred the sugar and rhubarb together. I did also wonder if I wasn’t meant to chop the rhubarb as nowhere in the recipe does it say that! I just thought I was meant to as I didn’t think it would breakdown completely!


By the morning the sugar had pretty much dissolved and there was loads more liquid..


I don’t have any muslin so I just bashed the ginger a bit but still keeping it whole and then I just threw that in the pan and planned to fish out at the end of cooking.

I was using preserved ginger rather than crystallised, and I think the last boiling stage took longer than 5 minutes, probably closer to 10. By then It was dark and sticky looking, pretty hard to tell if the rhubarb is actually clear!


I used just over 1lb of rhubarb and ended up with 3 random sized jars.

I left this to cool and tried with some homemade bread and I really like it. It’s not overly sweet and the balance with the ginger is just right. I also really like the texture, it’s not completely smooth but just the right amount of chunks – in my opinion!

Overall another good jam!

Would I make this again? Yes, the rhubarb in the garden doesn’t look finished yet…



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