Sponge Cake

I actually made this cake yesterday but didn’t get round to actually tasting it today! It’s a fat free sponge recipe again, similar to the recipe used for the Swiss roll but slightly different egg to sugar and flour ratio.



I make a lot of cakes but pretty much always use a basic Victoria sponge recipe, I did like the way the sponge turned out when I used the whisking method for the Swiss roll so was looking forward to this.

Started off whisking the eggs and sugar, this is what they looked like just as I started..


Then after about 10 minutes of whisking which is a good workout for the arms it was looking light and creamy so I removed form the heat..


Then I think I whisked it for another 5-10 minutes until it was cold and it changed consistency again and was really lovely and glossy looking..


Finally I very carefully folded in the flour..


I did follow the recipe and grease the tins and then sprinkle with flour and sugar. I always usually line my tins with greaseproof paper and was going to do that but decided to stick with the recipe and hope the cakes come out the tins ok! I maybe was a bit liberal with the flour but was really worried they would stick!


I do have two 7 inch tins but they are slightly different depths, hoping this wasn’t going to affect the baking!


After 20 minutes they were a nice brown colour and starting to shrink away from the sides so I removed from the oven. They haven’t risen as much as I expected..


One of the cakes came out the tin no problem but I did have to use a spatula to get the other one out so am not sold on the flouring the tins technique!

I had some chocolate buttercream in the fridge so I sandwiched them together with that and the did a wee icing sugar design on the top to keep it simple.


So I finally had a taste of this today and it is a lovely cake. It’s nice and light but almost has a bit of a chewy texture to it if that makes sense.

Would I make this again? Yes great recipe to use if you fancy a cake and have no butter!!



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