Baked Mackerel with Orange and Lemon Stuffing

I do really like mackerel, I used to be slightly scared about cooking whole fish but after making the trout and almonds I’m slightly less afraid!


I picked up the mackerel at my local fishmonger and he thankfully gutted them for me! I don’t quite fell confident enough to try that!


The stuffing is simple enough, nothing fancy about that and all mixed together in a few minutes..


I stuffed the fish as best as I could, but there did seem to be a lot of stuffing! I had halved everything as only bought 2 fish to share between the three of us. They are kind of bursting open…


After just over 20 minutes the fish was looking cooked through and the stuffing looked cooked as well..


Rather than have with an orange salad we were having oven baked homemade chips and some green beans. Sort of like a fancy fish and chips!!

I remember being young and freaking out over the bones in fish, so I did expect some objections from my daughter, but she loved it! I think she found it a bit of novelty pulling out the bones and counting them and then seeing the skeleton of the fish once we’d pulled all the meat off.

The flavour is good, I do love fresh mackerel, and the combination with the stuffing is lovely. The mackerel really goes with the citrus flavours in the stuffing.

Overall this was a lovely dinner enjoyed by all three of us.

Would I make this again? Yes, would be good to try on the BBQ!



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