Fruit, Nut and Cheese Salad

This reads like it could be an interesting salad, but when you see the ingredients lined up you realise it’s not!!



I don’t remember the last time I bought peach halves!! I guess canned fruits were easier to get hold of back at the time of this book.

I was just having this myself and couldn’t decide whether to half or quarter it. I decided to half the peaches but quarter the cheese as 4oz of cream cheese seemed like too much for one!

So the cheese mixed with the walnuts and raisins looked ok, and the peaches are fine, it’s just when you put them all together that it looks totally random hence why I only have one photo!!!

So this was ready in a matter of minutes and this was dinner! It’s a bit of a weird one to describe! Oddly the peach with the cheese, raisins and walnuts was actually quite nice, it’s just the lettuce that totally doesn’t go. I did eat the lot, and wasn’t until I finished that I decided the lettuce was out of place!!

Would I make this again? Doubtful!!



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