Cheese Meringues

Tonight I was looking for something to serve with drinks before dinner and I thought this fitted the bill nicely!


I decided to just half the recipe as I didn’t want to make too many. Plus I didn’t have any egg whites left in the freezer! So I was using a whole egg and was worried about wasting the yolks! Can egg yolks freeze like egg whites? I had to go check that out and apparently you can! You have to add some salt or sugar to the yolk before freezing to stop the yolk thickening too apparently!!

Anyway these are prepped quickly..



I did very carefully fold in the cheese and seasonings but despite that the egg white lost a lot of volume and the mix wasn’t looking like much anymore.

I carried on with the deep frying, and the minute a spoonful of the mix was added to the oil it started to puff up so I then thought this was going to work out ok.

After only a few seconds they were browning and reckon they were cooking for just over a minute in total. Although after the initial puffing up they had now completely deflated!


So as you can see they are not the puffed up cheesy meringues I was hoping for! So how did they taste? Actually pretty good! They are crispy on the outside and what is left on the inside is chewy. The flavour is fab so it is a shame they look so bad!

Would I make these again? Yes but I’d try baking rather than frying



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