Pot Roast of Beef

I did actually google pot roast and the definition I found states that is a braised beef dish made by browning a peice of beef to induce a Maillard reaction then slow cooking with liquid. So I then had to google Maillard reaction! That is the chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that gives browned foods their desirable flavours and is named after a French chemist! So there you go, learnt something new today!



I had bought a 2lb joint of topside from the butcher which he said would be enough for 4


First off I browned it to induce the Maillard reaction! Then I decided to put in the slow cooker. It did look a bit boring just the beef and the onion with water..


I was soo tempted to add some wine and herbs! I stuck with it and left this for about 4 hours. Then I thew in some carrots and more onions as that’s the only veg left in the fridge!


This was then left for another hour..



So we were having this with the carrots, onions and these rather fab looking Yorkshire puddings!


I followed the instructions to make a gravy and I did opt to add cornflour.


As a roast dinner this is great! The beef is fab and the gravy is brill! So even without any extra herbs or wine the beef and gravy are brill! I didn’t get any clove flavour though so do wonder if next time I’d either leave out or maybe add some more cloves, but overall this was a perfect Sunday dinner!

Would I make this again? Yes!



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