Savoury Mince

I had initially assumed this recipe would be made with actual mince, but it does say cold beef. So I had almost exactly 8oz of beef leftover from last nights roast so I opted to use that!



I was just having to use my food processor to mince the beef and veg, I don’t actually own a mincer! Firstly I just pulsed the beef into smallish chunks, I didn’t want to end up blitzing to a pulp as I thought that would be a revolting texture! So I kept it quite chunky..


I then did the same with the veg..


I opted to use a can of oxtail soup rather than stock, and the smell of the soup when I opened the can was such a familiar smell! I don’t really remember having oxtail soup but it really did remind me of something!

So once the soup was added, and I opted to add the whole can, it wasn’t looking particularly appealing. In fact it was looking like something you might feed a dog!!


Then adding the curry powder and raisins didn’t really help it look any more appetising..


I left simmering for just over 20 minutes, and it was smelling ok! I didn’t have any potatoes in the house and pasta did not seem like the right thing to serve with this, so I opted for rice.


So how was this? It was surprisingly tasty! I’m glad I didn’t totally blitz the beef as the chunks are good. The oxtail soups adds an extra meaty flavour and then the curry powder adds a good hit of heat. It’s funny how much the raisins affect the dish, they really are great and add such a lovely sweetness. There’s been a few savoury recipes in the book that have raisins or sultanas in it and they really do lift the dish.

It’s not really an attractive plate of food but it did taste rather good!

Would I make this again? Yes I would, may actually try making with raw mince and give it an initial browning stage.



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