Halibut or Turbot Mornay

Before starting this blog I was a bit stuck in my ways with fish, it was either salmon or haddock. I’ve since tried a good few other varieties and tonight I was cooking turbot for the first time..



The only reason I picked turbot is because that’s what the fishmonger had! I had gone there with the option of buying whichever fish I saw first but they didn’t have halibut, so I bought 2 peices of turbot..



I had 2 peices of fish so halved everything else and covered the fish with 1/8th of a pint of milk..


I took the fish out after 15 minutes and it did look cooked through. I didn’t want to leave it too long as it would get cooked further under the grill anyway..


I left the fish covered with foil while I carried on with the sauce. It did seem like a lot of sauce compared with the amount of fish I had so I didn’t end up pouring the whole lot over..


Then it was under the grill for just under 5 minutes to brown..


Doesn’t look too pretty but I was still looking forward to this! We were having with some oven baked chips and stir fried veg. I liked the idea of having with spinach but didn’t have any in the house.

The turbot was lovely and soft and the cheese sauce is rather good! Together they are nice but I do think I’d like to try the turbot just on its own and not smothered in cheese sauce!

Would I make this again? Yes, loved it!



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