Fish Cakes and Spicy Tomato Sauce

There’s technically not much cooking to this recipe! So I decided to make my own fishcakes to make it a bit more interesting..



For the fishcakes I just steamed some salmon fillets and mixed with mashed potato and seasoning then coated in flour, egg and breadcrumbs. I then baked them for the length of time that the sauce was simmering.

So that sauce is not very labour intensive! Everything is thrown in the pan and left to simmer..


It’s not easy to get a decent photo as it’s getting dark and it’s just a pot of sauce! I opted to leave out the garlic, only because I had no idea has to extract a squeeze of garlic! Instead I used some garlic salt that I have.

After 20 minutes it had thickened up slightly and was paler in colour..

The sauce was served with the fishcakes which were nice and crisp after 20 minutes in the oven..


Well I was really surprised by this sauce! It’s really great! It is an unusual thought making a sauce with a can of soup and milk but it really is lovely. I wouldn’t really call it spicy, it does have a nice touch from the Worcestershire sauce but it’s not spicy. It’s not smooth as you have the chopped onions but we actually really liked having them in the sauce but if you want it smooth you could strain it. I thought it was perfect as it is and have loads left!

Would I make this again? Yes, great sauce!



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