Fish and Vegetable Tempura

Technically I should call this haddock and carrot tempura because that’s all I had to use to make this, but that sounds a bit weird!



I had intended to get some prawns and some other veg for this, I really fancied trying with radishes!! I ran out of time today and had to make do with the haddock and carrots. I couldn’t decide whether to cook the carrots a bit first or not. I have made tempura in the past but with cauliflower and broccoli which are softer. I did in the end decided to boil the carrots for a few minutes first to soften.

The batter was easy to do, although it differed from the tempura recipes I’ve tried before. All the other ones said to use ice cold water rather than milk and then salt and pepper rather than sugar. I didn’t need to add any more liquid to this, I did think it was a bit runny and the batter wasn’t going to stick to the fish or veg.


The batter seemed to work fine and did stick ok and stayed on during the frying! So after about 5-10 minutes they were looking nice and golden..


I’m glad I cooked the carrot slightly as the end result was a good consistency, so I would’ve been worried it was too hard had I not parboiled. The fish was great, and I do think I preferred the fish. What was a touch unusual was the sweetness which I didn’t expect from such a little sugar. I did serve with sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce so they helped add some savouriness!

Would I make this again? Using this recipe probably not. I do like tempura but I found the sweetness a bit odd!



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