Brown Stew

This doesn’t sound particularly appealing! I sort of expected it to be cooked in a brown beer to fit with the title..


I suppose this is a really basic stew! I do like this time of year and cooking meat like this. I think the cooking time is not essential and the longer the better!

We haven’t been shopping in a while and fortunately there was a couple of carrots in the fridge and onions in the cupboard which badly needed using up!


I only had 1lb of meat but I still used two carrots and two onions, I don’t think the veg content is particularly crucial!

So the meat is browned and then shoved in the casserole dish with the veg..


I was soo tempted to add some red wine, but stuck with the stock, which did look like way too much!


I’ve been keeping the inner bits of celery for making bouquet garni, and I do still have some herbs growing in the garden and I opted to use thyme..


I’m actually not too sure how long I cooked this for but it was probably double what the recipe says!

So after several hours it was looking and smelling pretty good..


We were having this with some smoked garlic mash..


This was just brill! The meat is so wonderfully soft and the whole thing tastes just great. I really love the simplicity of this.

Would I make this again? Yes, fab simple stew



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