Macheroni alla Carbonara (Macaroni with Ham and Eggs)

Am pretty sure you wouldn’t find this in many Italian restaurants! First I thought it was a spelling mistake and then I think it sounds like something that’s been made up, either by someone who wanted macaroni cheese but didn’t have enough cheese to make a white sauce, or by someone who fancied carbonara and had no tagliatelle!!

I did do a search and apparently the term maccheroni refers to all macaroni shaped pasta such as shells, tubes and twisted strands. So it is spelt wrong but not made up!!



I had quick cooking macaroni so I only cooked it for 10 minutes. Then I was just using regular sliced ham for this, did think I should be using chunks of ham from a left over roast but don’t really think that’s too important..


I opted to only use 2 eggs as they were quite large. Once added the pasta does look lovely and glossy..


I really wasn’t sure how long to cook it for at this stage, so I kept going till I could see proper cooked bits of egg! It kind of looks like scrambled egg now!!

I added the Parmesan and just stirred that until it had melted..


So including the cooking of the pasta this was ready in about 15 minutes.


So I know it’s not much of a looker but this was actually rather tasty! It’s a perfect mid week dinner, easy to cook and ready in under 20 minutes.

Would I make this again? Yes, it’s a great macaroni/carbonara fusion!!



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