Chocolate Baked Sponge with Chocolate Sauce

We don’t often have a hot pudding but tonight I really fancied making the simple plain baked sponge. I then read out the suggested variations to my daughter and it turned into a chocolate pudding, with chocolate sauce obviously..




I do make a lot of sponge cakes, but don’t often make sponge puddings. The start of this chapter talks about the popularity of hot puddings and how it may be due to the climate! It’s says that on a cold damp day there’s something peculiarly comforting about a steaming hot pudding!! Can’t agree more!

So I had a little helper with this one, she did the stirring while I did the measuring..


The mixture was done and in the dish in a matter of minutes..


This was then put in the oven and we started with the sauce. To be honest I wasnt that excited about the sauce, not sure if it’s to do with the cornflour element to it or that I didn’t think the sugar content seemed very high for a sweet sauce! It was simple enough to make and actually thickened more than I expected.

So after 35 minutes the pudding was ready and smelling pretty good!


It does have a bit of a crust on it but underneath was looking lovely and soft..


Then the sauce was poured over..


Well I have to say this is a damn good pud!! The sponge bit is fab, lovely and soft with a bit of a crust which I loved and it has just the perfect amount of chocolatey flavour! Then the sauce is pretty good too! I was actually pleasantly surprised! It’s just sweet enough and perfect with the sponge!

Would I make this again? Yes!



13 thoughts on “Chocolate Baked Sponge with Chocolate Sauce

  1. Oh yum! This was my favourite pudding at primary school! Reading your post I just felt the excitement of those days it was served all over again! Definitely making this one, thanks for the recipe & the rekindled happy memory! ♡

  2. I never imagined I could eat a chocolate sponge with chocolate sauce but it does look so tasty. I plan to make some tomorrow. I wish you a lovely weekend!

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