Steak and Mushroom Pie

I really felt like making a pie this weekend so opted to try this recipe..



I used to think making a pie was a bit of a faff but there’s really not too much involved. The recipe does say shop bought puff pastry so that’s what I used!! I did think I had some made puff pastry already in the freezer but realised it’s actually a sweet pastry so ended up buying some!

I actually decided to cook the meat and onions in the slow cooker. It doesn’t look very exciting at this point and it’s hard not to add some stock or herbs or wine, but then I suppose that takes away from the simplicity of it all


We came home to a rather nice smell this afternoon! I actually felt a bit bad for leaving the dog in alone with the nice smell of the meat cooking!

Anyway it didn’t look very nice at this stage! I lifted out the meat and onions and put in my grans pyrex dish with the mushrooms..


The recipe says to pour over the gravy which I assume means the watery liquid the meat has been cooking in. I decided that it didn’t look that good so needed a bit of attention; I poured into a saucepan, added some wine and thyme and left to reduce while I rolled out the pastry.

I rolled out a sausage shape of pastry to put round the edge.


After about 15 minutes of simmering I decided the liquid looked more gravy like and I poured over the meat.


I then put a circle of pastry on the top and decorated with some stars..


Next was brushed with beaten egg and then in the oven..


I had a peek in the oven after about 10 minutes and felt like crying! All the pastry had sunk off the sides of the dish and was lying all soggy looking on the meat! I was sooo annoyed! Wasn’t sure if that happened because the pastry was too heavy or if there was too much of a gap between the meat and pastry. I had to just leave it and hope for the best..

After the 40 minutes it was actually looking ok!!


The pastry has certainly risen but a bit of the liquid has burst through so am not hopeful that the pastry is going to be lovely and crisp!

The filling inside was great! The meat is really tender and the sauce is good too. The pastry is a bit of a letdown as it does have a layer of soggy pastry underneath! I had to scrape that bit off!

Overall though it’s a good pie, a nice simple pie to start off with!

Would I make this again? Yes but need to address my pastry issues!



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