Madeira Cake

I actually made this yesterday but didn’t try a bit myself until today! I made this to take to my gran who loves a good sponge!



As you can see there is a photo with this recipe but I do actually know what a Madeira cake should look like! I’d rather have a photo with one of the more unusual recipes!!

Anyway it’s easy enough to prepare, but the Madeira recipe that I normally use is all plain flour with baking powder rather than a mix like this. Will be interesting to see if that makes a difference.

I actually forgot to take any photos before it went in the oven but cake batter isn’t that exciting to look at anyway!!

I was making the basic cake so did the bit with the lemon peel. I couldn’t figure out how it had been cut looking at the photo but I just used a peeler to get thin slices and plonked 3 on top very quickly after 30 minutes.

After another hour it was ready and smelling pretty good..


The lemon bits were looking a bit weird though!


I don’t think it looks any different to cakes I’ve made using my usual recipe, I’d say it’s risen just as much.

I left to cool before slicing in half to take to my gran..


The cake did get great comments from my gran yesterday! You can’t really beat a good slice of Madeira cake! I tried today and it’s great, perfect with a cup of tea!

Would I make this again? Yes, good cake!



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