Veal Birds

So I know this may not appeal to very many people but I did actually quite like the veal I cooked for the very first time earlier this year. I did have to call my gran and ask her if she ate veal a lot as there is a chapter full of veal recipes! She has never had veal, so not sure how popular these recipes would’ve been back at the time of this book.



I started with the stuffing (think the term forcemeat sounds revolting!!) and I was using one slice of regular bread and a small egg, but it did all look a bit disgusting..


Then I didn’t have streaky bacon so just used regular which I assume won’t really make much of a difference..


Next I spread on some of the scrambled egg like stuffing and then attempted roll into neat parcels! Once tied up with string they were looking relatively secure..


Then they were quickly browned in a pan..


For the tomato sauce stage I just used a whole can and didn’t bother to add any water. I was thinking that an hour and a half was an awful long time for this to be simmering so I decided an hour was long enough!

Yet again there is a photo with this recipe and it looks like the birds are served on pasta! I thought that seemed like a very modern way to serve veal! I couldn’t decided whether to go with mashed potatoes or spaghetti, but then I left it to late to make mash so spaghetti it was!!

After just over an hour the birds were looking well cooked and the sauce had reduced a fair bit, the whole dish was actually smelling pretty good!

So I served this on a bed of spaghetti..


It looks nothing like the picture but I wasn’t wasting any of the lovely sauce! After cutting off the string the birds did hold their shape..


So how did this taste? We both really really enjoyed this. The sauce is amazing! It’s such a simple sauce really but I think a lot of flavour from the stuffing is absorbed into the sauce and was brill with the spaghetti. Then the veal birds were actually really good too! The meat is lovely and soft and the combination of the stuffing and bacon is fantastic with it. Overall this was a really great dinner!

Would I make this again? Yes, a bit of effort but well worth it!



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